Work Ethics Personality Test

Work Ethics Personality Test

Teamglide™ ethics test measures the role of individual's work values and standards, in order to better understand the nature of employee's performance and effort relationship. Individuals who score high on this test are more likely to be professional, hardworking, focused and ethical workers; providing a useful forecast of an individual's work ethic in a variety of contexts and dimensions.

These dimensions include the following:

  • Centrality of work
  • Self-reliance
  • Hard work
  • Leisure
  • Morality/ethics
  • Delay of gratification
  •  Wasted time
This test consists of 28 items, with a 15 minute time limit.


How Teamglide's Work Ethics Test Can Help Your Organization

Building a strong work ethic allows, an organizations to have employees that are willing to train themselves; making hard work an automatic response to the tasks delegated in your organization. High levels of work ethics creates good habits such as;

Focus and Persistence

Employees with a high score on the work ethic’s test have the ability to stay focused on tasks for as long as necessary to get them done. Focus is equally as important as persistence when it comes to work ethic. As focusing will allow your workers to finish tasks more efficiently while energy is not directed towards distractions.

Tasks Done in a Timely and Efficient Manner in Your Organization

Workers with a high score on the work ethic’s test are less likely to procrastinate and instead immediately tackle their work tasks. In addition to getting to tasks done the right away. A candidates who's scores high on work ethic will ensure that they do tasks properly. Ensuring high levels of productivity and quality of work

Punctuality of Employees

Punctuality goes hand in hand with an employee's work ethic. High levels of work ethic ensure that employees will be on time and that time is well spent.

Professionalism in Your Business

Professionalism includes an employees demeanor, attitude, and values. Having a high work ethic practices your workers to be cordial and positive. Those with a strong work are usually respectful to others and work to develop a personal and organizational reputation, that is one of of honesty, efficiency and quality.

Essentially, this test can help all employers in the recruitment process and performance analysis. To find valuable employees with a shared determination and motivation to achieve the goal and mission of your organization. To see the levels of which individual's have a strong ethical presence. Schedule Teamglide's Work Ethics Test.

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