Sales Representatives

Job Summary

Wholesale and Manufacturing sales representatives generally interact with business, governments and organizations in an attempt to sell wholesale or manufacturing products. They are usually responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with clients where they are expected to provide explanations of the product, engage in price negotiations and answer customer questions. They are also involved in the finalizing the deal with the potential buyer.


Wholesale and Manufacturing sales representatives generally carry out the following duties:

  • Determine and contact any potential buyers of a product using directories, attending trade shows and conferences or through information gained from clients

  • Engage in discussions with potential clients about their needs and how the product can help satisfy those needs

  • Discuss with customers how the product can be used as well as the prices and availability

  • Help customers choose the appropriate packages to meet their needs

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and answer any queries post purchase

  • Ensure the functionality of products

  • Suggest the best display methods of consumer goods

  • Help organize promotional programs and displays of the product in retail settings

  • Analyze sales statistics, prepare reports, make appointments, and schedule travel times.

  • Monitor the market for changing trends and customer needs


Wholesale and Manufacturing sales representatives who sell products which are not technical or scientific usually are required to have just a high school diploma. Those who sell technical or scientific products are required to have a bachelor’s degree.


In order to test Wholesale and Manufacturing sales representatives effectively, employers usually administer the sales personality tests designed specifically for sale representatives another favorable test which analyzes these employees' articulation and communicative abilities is Teamglide's vocabulary test which acts as another essential testing tool for employers. Lastly,, employers looking specifically for talented individuals in this career should use Teamglide's Work Ethics Test, this test provides details about individuals ethical standards and give's insight to individual's work ethic.


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Sales Representatives

Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$61,660 per year, $29.64 per hour
Entry level qualification
High school diploma or equivalent
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)