Computer Programmers

Job Summary

Computer programmers build software programs and applications by writing codes based on the designs given to them from a software developer. They also test these programs and applications along with the codes to ensure their functionality. Computer programmers often times must work independently and must be able to communicate effectively with others who are working on the same project.


Computer programmers generally carry out the following duties:

  • Write and test codes in an integrated development environment (IDE) for computer programs and applications

  • Test the functionality of newly created programs to ensure the desired results are achieved

  • Solve and correct problems with the code

  • Ensure that computer systems and software are maintained and updated to enhance functionality of work related tasks



Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or a related field but in some cases an associate’s degree is accepted.


In order to test Computer Programmers effectively, employers usually administer the Web Developer's Basic HTML Test and the Web Servers and Database Test to assess the standard skillset of web programmers. Also the cognitive IQ Test will be an essential test to assess the individual’s level of critical thinking, analytical skills and problem solving skills which are all important for this job role. he work ethics personality test which would be u used to assess an individuals work ethic and ethical code of conduct.


Recommended Tests



Computer Programmers

Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$84,280 per year, $40.52 per hour
Entry level qualification
Bachelor’s Degree
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)