Physical Therapists

Job Summary

Physical therapists offer rehabilitation, treatment and prevention services to persons who have physical injuries or illnesses which restrict or limit physical movement.


Physical therapists generally carry out the following duties:

  • Review patient medical history and notes from doctors or other medical professionals

  • Observe patient’s movements and listen to their concerns in order to diagnose their problem

  • Prepare care methods which are customized to meet the patient’s needs and goals

  • Utilize exercises, stretches and equipment which will help ease patient pain, improve mobility or prevent further injury

  • Monitor patient progress and make adjustments to care methods where necessary

  • Explain to patient and patient’s family the challenges that come with the rehabilitation process and help them cope with the situation



A Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is required for Physical Therapists.

Licensing must also be obtained by passing the National Physical Therapy Examination provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. A criminal background check and a law exam may also be required.


In order to test Physical therapists effectively, employers usually administer the cognitive IQ test, the work ethics test and the vocabulary test to asses these applicants and/or employees ethical code of conduct, their problem solving skills, memory and other cognitive capabilities as well as their articulation.


Recommended Tests



Physical Therapists

Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$87,930 per year, $42.27 per hour
Entry level qualification
Doctoral or professional degree
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)