Food Service Managers

Job Summary

Food Service Managers oversee the smooth running of an establishment which serves food and beverages. They are responsible for setting and maintaining the standard of employee work ethic, food portion size and presentation. They are also responsible for hiring, disciplining and sometimes firing staff.


Food Service Managers generally carry out the following duties:

  • Hire, discipline or fire employees

  • Ensure that customers are treated to the best dining experience by directing employees

  • Set work schedules, ensuring that enough kitchen staff are available for each shift

  • Manage the stock of food, beverages and other supplies, ordering them when needed

  • Ensure that equipment and stations are kept to the set standard

  • Supervise the food preparation process, ensuring that staff adhere to food and safety regulations

  • Make sure that serving proportions are adequate and that the presentation is good

  • Respond to customer complaints of bad food or service

  • Manage the business to maximize profits

  • Keep accurate records of payroll, and other business records



A high school diploma or equivalent along with many years of work experience in the industry as a cook, waiter or waitress or a counter attendant is usually required. Some employers, especially of upscale restaurants or hotels may require a post secondary education which involves an internship period.


In order to test Food Service Managers effectively, employers usually administer the maths business test, the customer service test, the cognitive IQ test and the work ethics test. This combination of tests ensures that fundamental aspects of food service manager roles are tested such as their customer service their standard code of ethics and memory and problem solving skills.


Recommended Test



Food Service Managers

Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$54,240 per year, $26.08 per hour
Entry level qualification
Post secondary non degree award
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)