Job Summary

Electrical, communication, lighting and control systems are installed by electricians to various buildings and structures. Electricians usually carry out these installations during the construction stages but they are responsible for maintaining them subsequently.


Electricians generally carry out the following duties:

  • Study blue prints and technical diagrams to determine the plan for installing or maintaining electrical systems

  • Test electrical equipment for functionality and safety

  • Identify and fix problems with wiring, electrical equipment or electrical systems using various hand held tools

  • Ensure that installations are compliant with the National Electrical Code


A high school diploma or equivalent or training at a technical school is required. Some electricians gain their skills through apprenticeship however. In most cases, electricians are required to be certified, which may be state specific.


Electricians must be analytical, have an eye for detail and be able to solve problems. In order to test Electricians effectively, employers usually administer the IQ Cognitive Test to analyze the individual’s analytical and problem solving skills.


Recommended Test




Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$55,190 per year, $26.538 per hour
Entry level qualification
High school diploma or equivalent
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)