Job Summary

Architects make the overall plan and design for structures which are to be constructed. Structures which architects design could include, outdoor or indoor structures, houses and buildings for businesses, among others.

An important role of a successful architect is being able to communicate their design choices clearly and persuasively to clients as well as contractors.

Architects spend considerable time in explaining structure specifications, estimated costs and budgets with clients. They may also be instrumental in helping clients choose contractors and gaining construction bids. Architects also oversee the construction process to ensure that contractors are implementing the design to standard, make any necessary adjustments and solve problems.

With the more modern use of software such as Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and building information model (BIM), architects have predominantly moved away from the use of paper to layout out their plan and designs.

Architects often must work with various other professionals who may be involved in the same project such as interior designers, landscape architects, urban planners and engineers.

Architects may also be consulted post construction, where they help with maintenance and adjustments as well as review and suggest efficient use of the structure.


Architects generally perform the following duties:

  • Meet and discuss plans, budgets and other requirements with clients

  • Offer clients estimates on the length of the construction time and related costs.

  • Plan and outline structure specifications

  • Oversee the preparation of drawings and documents

  • Use software or hand drawings to prepare scaled drawings and designs.

  • Prepare contract documents

  • Manage contractors

  • Carry out construction site visits to ensure a smooth and accurate construction process



The basic requirement for becoming an Architect is a bachelor’s degree in architecture. The individual must also be involved in a lengthy paid internship, (usually 3 years) before sitting the Architect Registration Examination.

In most cases, some form of continued studies such as being involved in workshops, conferences, self-study courses or university classes is required.


In order to test Architects effectively, employers usually administer the Cognitive test to test the analytical skills of the individual. The customer service test can also be administered to observe whether the individual shows strong communication skills and if they are capable of communicating with clients patiently and over a long period of time. Lastly, the work ethics personality test which would be u used to assess an individuals work ethic and ethical code of conduct.


Recommended Tests
  • Cognitive IQ test
  • Customer Service Personality Test
  • Work Ethics Personality Test




Job Facts

2018 Median Pay
$79,380 per year, $38.16 per hour
Entry level qualification
Bachelor’s Degree
Number of jobs in 2016
Expected Growth rate (2016 – 26)