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Teamglide's skills test assesses and measures the basic competencies that are essential to work and procedural activities. Skills that are measured and assessed in our testing criteria include an employee's computer and network related capabilities, sensory ability and physical agility.

Our Skills Tests

Our skills test in our inventory

icon Name Brief Description Questions Time
PHP Developer Basic Test PHP Development test for a basic junior developer Ques 20 10 Mins

Assesses the proficency of a candidate in Angular JS programming for developing AngularJS applications

Ques 20 10 Mins

Node.JS test for a basic junior developer

Ques 25 10 Mins
Python 3.4.10

Python 3.4.10 test for a basic junior python developer

Ques 25 10 Mins
Ruby On Rails

Used to assess the proficency of Ruby On Rails for basic back-end developers

Ques 20 10 Mins
Web Developer Basic HTML Basic test for web developers Ques 20 10 Mins
MySQL Database Testing of a candidate proficency in MySQL Database Administration & Queries from an application language Ques 20 10 Mins
JavaScript Testing of proficency in Javascript language Version (ECMAScript 2018) for client side application development. Ques 20 10 Mins
Java Testing of proficency in Java 13 language for writing Java Server Applications. Ques 20 10 Mins
C# Testing of proficency in C# application language for writing C# applications in Ques 20 10 Mins
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