Pre employment skills testing

Pre employment skills testing

Teamglide™ pre-employment skills tests assesses and measures the basic competencies that are essential to work and procedural activities. Teamglide has over 100 Skills assessments ready to administer to recruits. For example, our Microsoft PowerPoint test will assess whether your marketing associates and other employees in similar professions have the necessary skills to create presentations to pitch to your clients or to your management team.

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Recommended Skills tests by jobs

Teamglide™ Recommended Skills Tests helps you to assign the most appropriate tests to the applicable job description. Our skills tests cover over 5000 careers and job professions. Our list of Careers and Recommended Skills tests save employers and recruiters time and trouble of trying to match job roles with the appropriate tests. Job seekers also benefit from this list by checking their career choice and viewing the tests that relates to that career or profession.

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