Skill Testing

Teamglide's skills test assesses and measures the basic competencies that are essential to work and procedural activities. Skills that are measured and assessed in our testing criteria include an employee's computer and network related capabilities, sensory ability and physical agility.

teamglide Skill Tests

Unit 1: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Microsoft Word 2016 Test
Microsoft Microsoft Excel 2016 Test
Microsoft Microsoft Office 2016 Test
Microsoft Microsoft Word 2010-2013 Test
Microsoft Microsoft Excel 2010-2013 Test
Microsoft Microsoft Office 2010-2013 Test

Unit 2: Certified Internet Webmaster

Technical Network Administrator Test
Technical Internet Office Standard Test
Technical Web Developer Basic HTML Test
Technical Web Servers & Databases Test
Technical Networking and Internet Test

Unit 3: User Ability

Vision Eye (Vision) Test

Unit 4: Business

Business Business Intelligence Test