Pre employment screening

Pre-Employment Testing

Our, academic, aptitude, personality, and skills tests provide applicable, concise and objective data to help you make the best informed decisions within your recruitment and selection process.

Our amazing testing can also assists you through the adequate training and development of your employees; with our comprehensive test portfolios that are filled with reliable tests designed by renowned psychologist. Join Us Now and Find the test that perfectly fits your organization's needs and goals.

Screening Test

Aptitude Test

teamglide™ aptitude test evaluates individual's natural talent, skill-set, general intelligence and ability to problem solve; aspects that needed to function in a business environment.

Personality Test

teamglide™ personality test assesses an individual’s distinctive traits and patterns of behavior to determine whether an individual's personality is appropriate for a desired job.

Skill Test

teamglide™ skills test assesses and measures the basic competencies that are essential to work and procedural activities.

Academic Test

teamglide™ academic test explore a wide range of test relating to Maths, English and general business knowledge.