Our technology

Team Performance

Teamglide is one of the first performance management software that focuses on team performance. Teamglide team performance technology drills down into the underlying factors that aid companies in building great teams; like individual team member performance, team leadership, and corporate team knowledge. Team performance focuses on the potential performance and present status performance of teams within any work environment. Simply put, Teamglide measures your team’s future performance with performance insights. Our application illuminates areas where there are bottlenecks and latency in your team’s productivity. Teamglide offers your team a team performance index score developed by Teamglide to rank your team’s performance which is an aggregate of your team performance.

Employee Performance

Teamglide suite of performance assessments dissect an employee temperament, knowledge and skills necessary to carryout their specific task or job role. The outcome of these tests assist companies in determining the employee's current abilities in carrying out their job roles, exposes areas for improvement and growth, as well as revealing areas where additional training and/or updating of skills are needed. Teamglide also sheds light on the employee's fit for a particular team within the company.

Create your dream team

Find roadblocks in productivity and evaluate the value of each employee and their associated teams. Ensuring your business performs but outperforms. To stay updated about the performance of your workers and business teams. Get started with our team performance platform.