Teamglide's Microsoft Word Test 2010 (TGMWT 2010)

Teamglide's Microsoft Word Test evaluates an individual's knowledge of Microsoft Word's basic functions and features. An individual who is proficient in Microsoft Word is more likely to increase overall office productivity and competently and efficiently carry out organizational functions and activities to meet business objectives. This test consists of 25 questions, with a time limit of 10 minutes.

This Tests individual's ability to;

  • Create a document
  • Change stylistic criteria; such as font color and format.
  • Make the format of a sentence match an example text, including font, size, and color.
  • Add highlighting and other special formatting.
  • Locate, open, save, and close Word documents.
  • Navigate and Use of the Bar Tab and it's features
  • Mail Merge
  • Create standard documents using Microsoft Word. such as ; reports. portfolios, and letters.
How Teamglide's Microsoft Word Test Can Help Your Organization

In today's world tons of organizations rely on Microsoft Word as an established powerhouse tool used in the day to day activities in organizations as the virtual networking system for the internal and external communication with in the workplace by creating documents. These documents may include;

  • Business reports
  • Invoices
  • Records
  • Research and marketing material, etc.
 Therefore because of Microsoft's word's establishment as a valuable tool in the workplace. Hiring competent employees is essential as these individual's in the workforce can;
  • Reduce the new hire training period
  • Increase overall office productivity,
  • Competently carry out organizational functions and activities to meet business objectives.
Training and Development

Teamglide's Microsoft Word's Test offers more than a "yes" or "no" assessment of a test-taker's Microsoft Word abilities, as the score and breakdown of the results provide direction for employers, regarding training and development. To help you find and screen these valuable employees to add to your team. Schedule Teamglide's Microsoft Word Test. 

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