Maths Business Tests

Teamglide's Mathematics Business Tests asks individual's to evaluate numerical data found in business related questions and statements, charts and illustrations. Providing insight into an individuals ability to leverage formulas and numbers enhancing productivity and performance, while reducing numerical business errors. Test takers are provided with a range of questions and statements in which they are required to select the correct multiple-choice answer or asked to write their answer upon answering an open ended question. The test is comprised of 30 questions, with a time limit of 15 minutes.

Teamglide's Business Math Test assesses test taker's ability to:

  • Logically problem solve business related scenarios established in numerical data.
  • Perform arithmetic calculations
  • Create and solve equations to calculate estimated averages, percentages, ratios .
  • Understand mathematical concepts, functions, and symbols.
  • Identify and implement appropriate mathematical methods when approaching problems.

How Teamglide's Business Math Test Can Help Your Organization

By using Teamglide's business math test you can gauge prospects and employee's mathematical proficiency.

Organizations can greatly profit from hiring employees capable of analyzing numerical data and solving mathematical equations, as they can:

  • Determine grade point averages that will finalize budget allowances.
  • Notice and prevent unintentional overspending, as these individuals can allocate receipt line items to appropriate accounts and budget balances accordingly.
  • Provide a high level of support by accurately calculating customer purchases and orders as well income revenue, etc.
 Training and Development

The Maths Business Test offers more than a "yes" or "no" assessment of a test-taker's mathematical abilities, as the score and breakdown of the results provide direction for employers, regarding training and development.

To help you find and screen these valuable employees to add to your team. Schedule Teamglide's Business Maths Test.

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