Salesforce Quality Analyst

Pasig, , ph
Posted: June 7th, 2019

TELUS International

Job Description

  • Analyze the cases being worked on by Tier 1 and ensure the following:
    • Timely updates are being logged on the cases via internal/case comments;
    • Cases are being worked on in a timely manner and status are set accordingly;
    • Clients are being contacted timely including their manager if necessary;
  • Check the TSAY & CSAT scores and investigate cases with scores lower than 100% - validate if the feedback is accurate
  • Have 1:1 coaching sessions with each team member on a regular basis focusing on how else to improve their work
  • Be able to prepare a report of the following:
    • CSAT/TSAT scored per week/month and present it to the Senior Leadership team and during monthly team meetings
    • Case Productivity of Tier 1 in terms of weekly/monthly volume
  • Be able to check if the resolution being provided by T1 to their cases is accurate
  • Be able to assist T1 should they have inquiries about a case and provide guidelines towards resolution