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FAQs for teamglide employee performance

General Questions

teamglide™ is an employee performance platform used primarily for increasing the performance of teams and employees. Through teamglide™ interactive application, you can pre-screen recruits, evaluate employee performance, and test employees to measure knowledge of a job role and potential performance on a job role. teamglide™ measures the potential performance of your team. The concensus is that great knowledgeable employees help companies out perform but great teams help companies perform and grow.

  • It connects users around the world
  • It allows interaction between professionals
  • It can help job seekers find jobs
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Our android app is scheduled to be released in the Fall Of 2018
teamGlide interactive testing application pre-screens and tests employees to measure knowledge of a job role and potential performance on a job role. teamGlide measures the potential performance of your team.
Yes. teamGlide is primarily a recruiting application for pre-screening new recruits and assist HR Professional in recruiting.
Other Questions
No, teamGlide is very simple, easy to understand intuitive and has a user friendly interface. It's easy to use as most social media sites.

If you have any issues you can contact our support department or refer to our knowledge base
We Offer tests on Aptitude, Personality, Skills, Cognitive Abilities, General Knowledge, Physical & Motor Abilities, Emotional Intelligence, Language Proficiency, Integrity, etc
Yes, You are able to Create your own Custom Test and import them into teamGlide.
Yes. teamGlide can be used from any location in the world. It is international. We offer our Product/Services worldwide and that is one of the major advantages of choosing teamGlide
Yes. teamGlide Cloud backup is a type of service through which cloud computing resources and infrastructure are used to create, edit, manage and restore data, services or application backup. This is done remotely over the internet.
Yes. The price you pay is determined by the number of employees you have. If you increase your employee numbers you can simply move up to the next plan or if you reduce your employee numbers then you can move to a plan to meet your business needs.
Yes, we have a privacy policy. This policy can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

teamGlide also complies with EU GDPR. Privacy Policy