View Teams Documentation

View Teams

After creating a team, you can view it, make any necessary adjustments, add employees to the team, and monitor the team's activity and scores.

1. To quickly see all of the teams in your company and their respective performances, select the 'Teams' option of the side bar menu and select 'View Teams'.


2. Quickly view the main information about each team from this table. Teams can also be deleted from this page by selecting the delete icon. You can click on a team to view more of its information.


After you click on a team, its information page should load displaying the Team Statistics and four tabs to maneouver between: Team Activity, Team Users, Add Employees to Team and Team Settings.


Team Stats

View the team's performance, the number of employees in the team and its rating.

  • Performance - This is the collective median performance of everyone within the team. Therefore, it is within each team member's best interest to perform well in order to increase the team's performance index.
  • Employees - This number will change according to how many employees are added or removed from the team. The number of persons in the team will also affect the team's performance and rating.
  • Rating - According to the team's performance, a rating will be given.
    • A rating
    • B rating
    • C rating
    • D rating
    • E rating



Team Activity
  • In the 'Team Activity' tab, the employer will be able to easily see what has been happening in the team and when.


Team Users
  • Select the 'Team Users' tab to see which employees are in the team. A team member can be removed from this window by selecting 'Remove' next to the corresponding employee.



Add Employees to Team
  • Select 'Add Employees To Team' to display all of your employees who are not already in any team. Note that the Grade column displays each person's performance score which could potentially influence who you choose to put in a team. Select 'Add to Team' in the Action column and confirm to add an employee. That person's information will be removed from this table and the recipient team's performance index and ratings will change accordingly.


Team Settings
  • Select 'Team Settings' to view the team's information. If necessary, you can edit that information from here.