View Task Documentation

View Task

After you Create a Task, you can view brief information about the task when you select the project that the task is in.

  • Name column - shows the name of the task. You can click on the task name to view and manage the task.
  • Assigned column - shows the employee who was assigned with the task
  • Scheduled column - shows the due date and due time for the task
  • Created column - shows the date and time that the task was created
  • Delete column - individual tasks can be deleted by selecting the delete icon next to the task to be deleted
  • View column - you can also click on the magnifying glass to view and manage the task
  • Status column
    • Tasks which are not completed will be marked with an orange clock icon:
    • Tasks which have been marked as complete will be marked with a green tick:


Manage Task

When you select a task to view, the Task Management page should load for that task.


  • You can return to all tasks by clicking on 'Return to All Task' or by selecting the menu icon in the top left of screen:
  • You can navigate to the calendar by clicking the calendar icon:
  • You can pin a task to the 'Start Tasks' section by selecting this icon:
  • If you want to add a comment to the task, click the comment option:
    • A comment window will load where you can format text, or add tables, special characters, bullets or numbering. Your comment will be displayed below the task on this page and be visible to you and the employee to whom the task is assinged.


  • You can also choose to edit the task by clicking on the Edit icon:
    • An 'Edit Task' window will load which will allow you to make any changes to any of the information about the task


  • An employee might mark their task as being completed from their account. However, when you the employer are satisfied that the task is indeed complete, you can select the 'Mark Task Complete' icon:
  • When the task is Marked as complete, the Status symbol will be changed to a green tick: