How to View Positions?

The table to view all of your job postings can be found when you navigate to the 'View Positions' option of your side bar menu.

This table will display the Job title, Salary, Country, Job Role, Date/time Created and the Status of the jobs you created.


If a job seeker views your position while searching for jobs, they have the options to either Save the Job to their account or Apply for the position.

When a job seeker applies to your position, their information is added to the Applicants section of the pipeline. It is mandatory for a job seeker to upload their Resume to their account before they can successfully apply to any job. Therefore, when a job seeker applies to a position, their resume is appended to their application for the employer to view.


Edit Job

From the table shown above, the employer can select the Edit icon in the Edit column.

A job can also be edited if the employer opens a job and selects the icon 'Edit Position' in the Action column as shown in the image below.


Any aspect of the job can be edited and saved. After editting, your job will be updated with any changes made.


Delete Job

Any of the jobs you created can be deleted from the table above by selecting the Delete icon in the Delete column. When you delete a job, it is completely removed from the database so no further actions can be carried out with it.