View Job Applicants

If a job seeker views your position while searching for jobs, they have the options to either Save the Job to their account or Apply for the position.

When a job seeker applies to your position, their information is added to the Applicants section of that position. It is mandatory for a job seeker to upload their Resume to their account before they can successfully apply to any job. Therefore, when a job seeker applies to a position, their resume is appended to their application for the employer to view.

To navigate to the pipeline for a position, follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Select the 'My Jobs' option in the 'Features' section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and select 'View Positions'.

Step 2.

There are two (2) ways from the 'View Open Positions' table to access the recruiting pipeline. You can select a job position from the 'Job Title' column, or, select the number, which represent the number of applicants who had applied to the post in the 'Applications' column of the desired job position to view the pipeline.

How the Pipeline works

To the center left of your screen next to the sidebar menu, shows the recruiting pipeline for the job title that you choose. There are seven (7) stages of the pipeline:

  • Applicants
  • Phone Screen
  • Interview
  • Testing
  • Offer Position
  • Hire
  • Archive

There are additional features and functions at work on this page, to make your task much easier and more efficient in selecting and moving recruits through the pipeline. The two (2) main features are:

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - This intuitive software will sort the hundreds of applications you may receive for a specific job posting. It parses the applicant's resume content into sections then scans (reads) it for specific keywords formulated for the specific job title, and determines if the applicant has met the requirements for the job role.
  2. Job Requirements - are a set of qualifications and skills necessary to carry out the daily functions and tasks of a job role. You create your own set of job requirements in the form of keywords and phrases for any job by selecting the 'My Jobs' option in the 'Features' section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen, click on the 'Create Requirements', or click here to 'Create Requirements'.

The ATS software reads the keywords and phrases that you had created for the job title within the applicants' resumes and give them a score between 0% and 100%, which is indicated in the 'Score' column located in the 'Listing Applicants' section.

Pipeline Stages


  • This section is where all persons who applied to your job are initially located. Displayed on the table will be the full name of the applicant, the country in which they are located, their email address and contact telephone number.
  • The Performance column will display the testing status of the applicant.
  • The Resume column contains the 'MS Word' and 'Adobe' icon, which tell you the format of the resume. You can click the icon to open the Resume for each applicant.
  • Both the Performance status and the applicant's Resume are viewable on every stage of the pipeline.
  • The icon in the 'Action' column allows you to move unsuitable applicants to the archive at any stage of the pipeline.
  • At the Applicants stage, in the 'Select' column, the option will be 'Select Phone Screen'. You can click this button after you have reviewed the applicant's resume and have decided to carry out a phone screen.

Phone Screen

When you click on the 'Select Phone Screen' button, this moves the applicant to the 'Phone Screen' stage of the pipeline and an email is automatically sent to the appplicant.

You and/or member of your recruiting team will call the applicant's phone number to conduct a brief interview to determine whether you want to move the applicant the next stage, which is the job interview stage. The candidates who you have chosen for interviews, can be moved to the next stage of the pipeline by selecting the 'Select Interview' button and contacting the successful persons to schedule an interview at your office or online.


When you click on the 'Select Interview' button, this moves suitable applicants to the 'Interview' stage of the pipeline and an email is automatically sent to appplicant alerting them on an impending interview.

You and/or members of your team will conduct interviews with persons who are at this stage of the pipeline, whether in person or online. Testing could be conducted at the interview stage or after further review. Persons who are undergoing assessment or have been selected for testing after the interview stage will be moved to the next stage by clicking the 'Select Testing' button.


When you click on the 'Select Testing' button, this moves the candidate to the 'Testing' stage of the recruiting process and an email is automatically sent to appplicant expect a test.

In order to test applicants the employer must navigate to the 'Schedule Recruits' section of the side bar menu. The employer must then choose a test that is suitable for testing the person's eligibility for the position and schedule the recruit test. Click here to view how to Schedule Recruit for a test.

Up to this point in the pipeline, the candidate's 'Performance' column displayed the status as 'Not Tested'. When a recruit finishes the assigned test(s), the Performance column will display one of the following statuses:

  1. Good Fit - the recruit has done well on the test, indicating that they are a good fit for the position.
  2. No Fit - the recruit did not score favorably on the test, which indicates that they are not a good fit for your company based on the pre-screening test(s) that were administered.

If a recruit has a 'Good Fit' for the position, you will decide if offer the candidate the position. When you have decided to offer the applicant the position, will move the applicant the next stage of the process by clicking the 'Select Offer Position' button.

Offer Position

By clicking on the 'Select Offer Position' button, the candidate will move to the 'Hire' stage of the process and an email is automatically sent to appplicant informing them that they have been offered the job postion. The candidate can opt to accept or not accept the job offer. If the applicant accepts the offer, you move them to the Hire stage by clicking 'Select Hire'.


When you click on the 'Select Hire' button, this moves the candidate to the 'Testing' stage of the recruiting process and an email is automatically sent to appplicant expect a test.

When recruits are moved to the 'Hire' section of the pipeline, the employer can hit 'Select Hire'. A notification will be sent to the recruit's Teamglide account dashboard, requesting their acceptance for the position and an email will also be sent to their inbox.

If the recruit accepts, this will convert their information and account to an Employee account. The employer will then have access to view their test performance and scores.


Unsuitable applicants at any of the foregoing stages of the pipeline can be moved to the 'Archive' section by pressing 'Archive' in the 'Action' column next to their name. The archive section allows employers to easily recover an applicant's information later.

Note: If you have no recruits for a position this table should be empty.