Create User Roles

How to Create User Groups?

This feature allows you to create different roles for your employees in the database in which to operate. Each role will have a certain level of clearance or access to features of the application in order for the employees to carry out their duties.

Step 1.

When creating user roles for the first time, select the 'Employees' option in the 'Features' section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and and click 'User Roles'. The Employee Roles page will load showing you the field for the role name and the different categories of user permissions roles listed that you can assign to your employees.

Step 2.

Enter a job or team role in the 'Role Name' field.

  • Role Name - Any roles which may arise in your company which employees will operate in such as (Human Resource Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders)
  • Setting Permissions - You can select which aspects of the Teamglide application a role will have access by clicking the white buttons next to the relevant permissions. To make permissions active, click on the white button and it should shift right of the button field and the field will change to aquamarine. Inactive permissions (permissions not given) the white button should remain in the original position, i.e. left of the button field and the field remain white.

When you are finished, click 'Create Role', and the particular role or group role will be created.

Step 3.

Select the 'Employees' option of the side bar menu, then select 'User Roles' to add employees to assigned roles or teams.

1. Insert employee's name which will auto-complete as you commence typing the first few letters, then select the desired name from the list.

2. Click in the field next to the 'Add Role' button and a list of roles or groups will appear, click the desired role for the employee to function in then click 'Add Role' and the employee will be assigned to that role.

3. Click 'Create Group Roles' button to create additional 'User Roles' as per Step 2.

View Groups

To view groups, click 'Create Group Roles' button to navigate you to the 'Create Roles' page and the list of roles already created are located on the right of your screen under the 'My Role Groups' area on the page.

If you wish to review any of your created role groups, select one from the 'My Role Group' column mentioned above to view the permissions/access with respect to that group. You can also make changes to the name of the role, and/or turn on or off permissions/access in the role, then click 'Save Role'.