Todo Documentation


Teamglide allows employers to be able to easily manage their schedules and tasks using the Todo feature. When an item is added to your Todo list, it is automatically appended to the calendar for easy tracking.


1. Click the 'Apps' option in the main section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and select 'My Todo'.

Create Category

Select this icon: to create a category


The 'Create Category' window should load. Come up with a category in which you will store your Todo, enter it into the field and hit 'Create Category'.


The created category should show up on the page.



Add New Todo

Select this icon to open the window to add a new Todo item.


The 'Add New Todo' window should load. Click in the 'Todo Category' field to display the drop down of the categories you have made. You must select one of the categories.

Then write a brief description of what you have to do in the 'Todo' field.


Due Date - Select a date and time which you have set to have your task finished by or the date the task is to be carried out. You can select the calendar icon next to the 'Due Date' field to open the calendar.



Press the clock icon in the bottom of the Calendar window to change the time. You can change the due time by selecting the number itself or pressing the arrow just above or below the numbers. You can also change the time from AM to PM and vice versa by clicking that icon.




View Todo

View your created Todo by clicking on the Category.

  • Name column - shows the name of your Todo item. When a Todo due date has passed, the name of the Todo will turn red and a line will be crossed through it.
  • Scheduled column - shows the due date and time for the Todo.
  • Created column - shows the date and time the Todo was added to your list.
  • Delete column - A Todo can be deleted by selecting the delete icon next to the Todo you want to delete. An entire Category can be deleted by selecting the larger delete icon next to the Category Title.
  • Status column - Todo's which have a due date that has not passed will have an orange clock icon in this column. Todo's which have a due date that has passed will have a green tick next to them.