Task Project Documentation

Tasks/ Projects


Teamglide effectively allows employers to assign tasks to their employees for them to complete. In order to help the employer organise the tasks to be assigned, an over all project must be created first before creating different tasks within that project.


1. To create a project, click the 'Apps' option in the main section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and select 'Tasks/Projects'.


2. This should take you to the projects page. At the top left corner of the page, select the Create Project icon to create a project.



3. A 'Create New Project' window will open. Enter the project name, provide a brief description of the project and hit 'Create Project'.



4. Your newly created project should appear in the list of projects to the left of the screen. Next, select the 'Create Task' icon:


5. The 'Add New Task' window should load. Fill out each field with the appropriate information.

  • Task Name - Give a simple name to the task you are creating
  • Project - Click in the project field to display a drop down of all your created projects. Select the project which the task is associated with from the drop down menu.
  • Select Employee - Click in this field to display a full list of all your employees. Select the employee who you want to be assigned with the task
  • Date Due - Provide a due date for the task by selecting the calendar icon to the right of the field. A specific due time can also be set along with the date. Tasks completed before the due date increase an employee's performance score but tasks completed after the due date decrease an employee's performance score.
  • Select Allotted Time - the amount of time allotted to complete the task
  • Task - Provide a brief task description of the task, outlining what must be done and the expectations.


When an employee is assigned with a task, they will receive a notification in their account notification box about the task created. The employee should also receive an email to their inbox allerting them to the task assigned to them.


The employee can then view the task's information in the 'View My Task' section of their account.