Security and Login

Security and Login

The 'Security and Login' window of your 'Account Settings' allows you to view your current username and account email. This page also allows you to edit your username, password and email.

1. Click on the profile image space in the top right corner of your dashboard and select the 'Account Settings' option.

2. Select the Security and Login tab.


3. Select the 'Edit' icon to the right of one of the three options:


Your current username will be displayed in the field when you press 'Edit' next to Username. Changes to the username can be made from here. The new username must be unique, contain only alpha-numeric characters, be at least 6 characters long and contain no blank spaces



Enter your new password into the 'Password' field and make sure that all the criteria for a strong password are met. As you enter the new password, the system will let you know if it is:

  • Very Weak - a password that is very weak is not secure at all, meaning that your account could be breached very easily
  • Medium - a medium password is not very secure. It is stronger than a very weak password but the potential for your account to be compromised is still high
  • Strong - a strong password is very secure, meaning that the chances of your account being compromised by hackers are very slim

After a strong password is chosen, enter it again into the 'Verify Password' field and hit 'Save Changes'. When you later log back in, login with your new password.



Your current username will appear in the field when you press 'Edit' next to 'account contact email'. Changes to your email can be made here, ensuring that it is unique and valid. Hit 'Save Changes' and your email will be updated.



Teamglide holds your security in high regard and so it is encouraged to change your password every 3 months. We also encourage you to store your passwords securely.