Employers Documentation

Pre-employment testing

Welcome to the Teamglide employers documentation. Employers are users who purpose is to recruit, test employees or manage a team. Teamglide an interactive application used by employers and HR teams to recruit the most qualified employees for their companies. It also assists in elevating employee and team performances by facilitating performance assessments, and to foster better working relationships between management and employees socially.

Teamglide carries essential tools and features that Employer and/or HR teams will need to organize and manage their recruitment processes, and assess employee and team performances through a series IQ, Skills, Academics and Personality tests. Teamglide interconnects employers, employees and job seekers corporately and socially in three (3) separate yet seamless account interfaces.

Employers User Account

Employers have the ability to customize and/or import their own tests; import any number of employees at one time and the freedom to upgrade and downgrade their packages. Monitoring employee and team performances, assigning and scheduling tasks, and managing employees and job recruits can be done with this intuitive software.

Employees User Account

Employees can manage and schedule their own tasks apart from the tasks send to their dashboard their employers or department heads/team leaders. Periodical tests on their performance within their job roles from their employers or team leaders. Employees can also view their performance on tests carried out, and receive tasks to their dashboard or schedule their own 'To Do' tasks.

Find Jobs/Job Seekers Account

Find Jobs users can choose from a wide range of job postings and opportunities in any career field, locally and internationally. Job Seekers can search for jobs within TeamGlide's extensive database, save job postings to their dashboard for later, and apply for multiply jobs.