Pre-employment Screening Documentation

Teamglide is an international interactive application platform which is used to evaluate the performance of employees, potential employees and teams with the use of different IQ, Skills and Personality tests. These modular tests are created for employers to be able to pre-screen a potential employee's ability to perform in the position applied for and to test their level of knowledge about the particular job as well.

We also give our users the ability to customize and/or import their own tests; import any number of employees at one time and the freedom to upgrade and downgrade their packages. Our friendly user interface is also very intuitive; monitoring employee and team performance now made easy on our simple yet intelligible dashboard. Scheduling, recruiting and creating all easy to do with little to no training necessary.

Teamglide Account Types
Account Type Account Description
Employer accounts used by employers to post jobs, screen recruits or schedule tests and tasks to employees.
Find Jobs accountsused to find, save and apply to jobs listed on teamglide.
Employee accountsEmployees of companies, A child account of an employer account