Import Employees to account

How to Import Employees?


As the company expands and your business family grows you will have more employees to enter into the database. Instead of having to do this the old fashioned one-by-one way, use this importing feature to handle this task quickly and effectively.


Step 1.
Select the 'Employees' option in the Features section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and select 'Import Employees',


Step 2.
Then choose a CSV file to upload. If you are uncertain of how the file should be constructed, download and follow the sample file to the right of the import button.


Step 3.
After you have chosen the CSV file of employees you want to upload, press 'Import CSV'.


Teamglide Users

Persons in your list who are already teamglide users will receive a notification at the top of their dashboard for them to accept your invite to be an employee.


After the user accepts, their account will be updated from a Find Jobs account to an Employee account. If the user is already logged in, they will have to log out and log back in. The new employee's information will be appended to your list of employees. You will then have access to view their performance and test scores.


Non Teamglide Users

If there are persons on your CSV file who do not have teamglide accounts, an email will be sent to their inbox inviting them to sign up for a Teamglide Find Jobs account.



Those persons who accept will also be added to the table of users on the 'Import Employees' page.