View Employee Performance Reports

When an employee completes a task and/or a test which were assigned using Teamglide, their performance and scores are recorded in their Employee Reports. Teamglide allows you to view your employee performance stats, displayed as numbers, percentages and graphs/diagrams.

To view Employee reports, select the 'Reporting' option of the 'Features' section of the sidebar menu and select 'Employees Report'.

Next, select an employee by selecting their name from the table of all your employees.

The Reporting page should load, starting at cognitive tests.

In the 'Test Navigation' box to the left of screen, there are four (4) options to choose from:

  • Cognitive - all reports from tests within the Cognitive category will be located here
  • Skill/ Academic - test reports from both the Skills and Academic categories will be located in this section
  • Personality - all Personality test reports will be located in this section
  • Task Performance - reports on an employee's performance to tasks will be recorded here

Each of the testing options displays a table which lists all the tests administered to the employee in that category and some brief information on each test.