How to Edit Profile

How to Edit Profile?


This window effectively displays the different aspects about the employer. The items displayed include:

  • My Summary - a written summary about the employer
  • Education - your educational history
  • Work Experience - your work history
  • Skills - any unique skills that you have such as Decision making, Leadership, Communication or Creative skills.

The employer can also upload a profile picture and a cover image from this page.


1. Select the 'My Profile' option in the 'My Network' section of the side bar menu to the left of your screen.


2. Click on 'Edit Profile' beneath profile image.



3. Enter a summary about yourself and then select 'Continue'.


4. Enter the educational institutions you attended, the years you spent there and the type of education you achieved. Click 'Continue' and move to the next section.


5. On this form, add any number of companies that you have worked for, the position you held and the number of years spent there. Click 'Continue' and move to the next section.


6. At the end of the Profile pipeline, add your skills and hit 'Finish'.


7. Your profile information will then be viewable by you and other users who visit your profile.