Edit Jobs Portal Documentation

Teamglide's Portal Editor allows you to customize your portal url page. You can insert your company's logo, along with any associated graphics and text to you page. Additionally, you can organizing how you want these graphics and other items to appear on the page.

Firstly, navigate to the 'My Portal' section of the side bar menu and click 'Manage Portal'

When the page loads, select the 'Edit Portal' button at the bottom of the 'Customize Portal' box.

Edit Portal

After you click on 'Edit Portal', the Portal Editor will load. Your page should initially be displayed as shown below:

The page is made up of:

  1. The Menu Bar - on the left, right and top of your screen contains icons with essential templates, tools and features to make your customization easier
  2. The Work Space - the gray and light blue areas is the area where you will place your logo, text, graphics and links

The Menu Bar


In the top left corner of the page is the 'Device' area, with three (3) icons representing three modes of device view: desktop, tablet and mobile. Select an option to see how your page would appear on different screen sizes. Our screen size options are:

  1. Mobile - select this option to see how items on your page are displayed on mobile phones.
  2. Tablet - select this option to see how items on your page are displayed on tablet devices.
  3. Desktop - select this option to see how items on your page are displayed on desktop computers.


On the top of the work space, there are two (2) groups of icons displayed which allows you to perform different functions.

Group 1 icons - carries functions and controls for the page, globally.

Group 2 icons - carry functions and controls within the workspace. To view these icons click on the workspace.


Group 1 Icons

Undo and Redo

These two icon circled in the above illustration, are the undo (icon with the arrow pointing left) and the redo (icon with the arrow pointing right). When you click theis icon, the boxes surrounding the components of the work space are made invisible.



This icon allows you to see a preview of what your page will look like.
To exit the preview, click on the Exit Preview icon in the top left corner of the screen:


Click this icon to work in fullscreen.
To exit fullscreen, hit the Escape button on your keyboard or simply click the Fullscreen icon again.

For further information on how to customize your portal url, click here.