Employer Home Dashboard Contents

Your main dashboard is made up of six (6) parts, in which each element uses its key abilities to make your teamglide experience quick and easy. These are:


  • Post A Job
  • Account Status
  • My Stats
  • Employee Performance Index
  • Creating Teams
  • Teamglide Help
Post a Job

Get started with posting open positions in your company. The 'Post a Job' button in this box quickly navigates the employer directly to the section for creating job openings.


Account Status

This section of the dashboard displays how complete your information is on your account.



My Stats

With this window, quickly view how many positions you have active, your total number of employees and the total number of recruits.



Employee Performance Index

All employees with a grade are accumulated to calculate the total performance index score of the company, which is then shown in this field located to the bottom left of the dashboard. It contains the following information: the number of employees who have been graded, their overall performance percentage and the medium percentage between them. The index figure is calculated by adding all the percentages of each employee with a grade higher than 0%, then dividing it by the number of employees with a grade higher than 0%, the percentage you get back is your overall performance percentage. Whereas the medium is calculated by the database reading all the employee scores in numerical order and identifying which percentage is in the middle.



Creating Teams

Teamglide is about helping teams to produce and realize their full potential. Use this window to quickly navigate to the 'Teams' section of the application where you can create teams of employees and view each team's performance index.


Teamglide Help

Consult the 'Help Documentation' for help on how to navigate or use parts of the application.

For a quick run through of where the main aspects of the application are located, click on 'App Tour'.