Creating Teams


Teamglide is all about teamwork and increasing the performance of teams in any company or organization. Use our platform to create teams, place employees into teams and monitor their performance.


1. To create teams, select the 'Teams' option in the Features section of the side bar menu and then select 'Create Teams'


2. When creating a team, the employer must fill out four (4) fields, outlining basic information about the team.

  • Team Name - Choose and enter an appropriate name for your team (Marketing Team, Sales Team, Graphic Designers)
  • Team Location - Enter the team's location. This can be the building name or number, the specific office or the floor where the team operates from or a geographical location.
  • Team City - Enter the specific city in which the team is located
  • Country - Click inside the 'Country' field to display the drop down menu and select the country in which the team is located.