Create Open Job Positions

How to Create Open Positions?

Employers use Teamglide to create and post job openings with in their company for job seekers to view and apply to. When jobs are created and posted using our platform, the employer can monitor how many job openings they have posted and see how many persons applied to the post.


1. Employers can navigate to the create jobs page from the quick button: 'Post A Job', on their dashboard.


Or they can select the 'My Jobs' option in the Features section of the sidebar menu to the left of their screen and select 'Create Open Position'.


2. On the resultant page, a form will load where the employer will enter information about the job.

Field Types

Job Title

  • Choose what title the job will have. This title is what job seekers will see when they search for jobs so it should be specific and simple to ensure search engine optimization.

Employment type

  • This denotes the contractural nature of the position. Choose one of the options in the drop down menu which include:
    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    • Contract
    • Temporary
    • Volunteer
    • Internship
  • If job seekers choose to refine their search by using our Advanced Job Search section, they have the option to search for specific employment types.


  • Select the country in which the open position is located from the drop down menu. When job seekers search or browse for jobs in a country, only jobs from that country will show up.


  • When you begin to enter the name of the city in which the job is located, an autocomplete drop down will load. The cities which are autosuggested are related to the country which you select. The cities in the drop down will have the State/Province next to it in parentheses. Choose the correct city option from the drop down.


Date Expired

  • This is the date after which you will no longer be accepting applications for a position. After the expiry date has passed, the job posting will no longer be 'Active' or visible in search jobs. The expiry date can be entered manually, ideally in the format (YYYY-MM-DD) or you can select the calendar icon to the right of the 'Date Expired' field to display the calendar. In the calendar window, you can navigate between months and select the day of expiration by clicking on a date.


Job Role

  • The Job Role is also auto-completed when you begin to enter text into the field. Choose an option from the auto-suggestion drop down for the entry to be registered accurately. The job role will appear on the table of all your created positions when you navigate to 'View Jobs' in the Job Role column.


  • Or when you select and open the position from the above table. The job role should be displayed as shown below in the Job Role column.


Company level

  • This is the level of employment in the company where the position will be operating. Choose one of the options from the drop down menu:
    • Executive
    • Director
    • Senior Level
    • Mid Level
    • Associate
    • Entry Level
    • Internship


  • The Status field allows the employer to control whether the job is:
    • Active - visible in the search job section of Teamglide, or
    • Deactivated - not visible in search jobs
  • An Active position can be viewed when job seekers search for jobs using Teamglide. An active job can be saved to a job seeker's account or they can apply to it.
  • A Deactivated position will not show up if searched for, so job seekers won't be able to see the job, save it or apply to it. The status feature can be useful if the employer is no longer accepting applications or when the position is no longer available.
  • View the status of your jobs on the table with all of your jobs when you navigate to 'View Jobs'. Active jobs will have 'Active' in the Status column and Deactivated jobs will be noted as 'Not Active'.


Salary details

  • The monthly salary being offered with the position will be important to most job seekers. When entering the monthly salary, you do not need to add the currency sign (eg $).

Job Description

  • A brief job description is required when creating a position. The job description can be no shorter than 300 characters and should include a brief introduction describing your company or the position, the job responsibilities and the requirements. The job description field operates like Word, where you are able to format the text using different font sizes, designs, bullets or numbering as well as insert images, tables and special characters.


Finally, select the 'Create Position' and your job will be created according to the information you enterred.

Your posted position can then be viewed by job seekers around the world when they use our site to search for jobs.

Note: Your created position will also be appended to your portal url.