Create An Employee

How to Create An Employee?

If the employer already has an employee in their company who is not in their database, that they would like to assign a job role, a test and/or a task to, they can create one by inviting that person using their email.


Step 1.
  • Select the 'Employees' option in the Features section of the sidebar menu to the left of your screen and select 'Create Employees'


Step 2.
  • Enter employee's email address and press "Search Employee".



Step 3.
  • If the employee is already a Teamglide user, their information will be displayed below the search field. Click on 'Add as Employee'.


A notification will be sent to the user's account dashboard for them to accept.


After the user accepts, their account will be updated from a Find Jobs account to an Employee account. If the user is already logged in, they will have to log out and log back in. The new employee's information will be appended to your list of employees. You will then have access to view their performance and test scores.



  • If the employee is not already a Teamglide user, the 'Search Employee' button mentioned above will change to 'Invite Employee'. Click this button and an email will be sent to the employee's email, inviting them to join Teamglide.