How to Connect with Users


Through Teamglide, employers can make connections with persons around the world as well as share information with other users on our platform.


1. Enter a user's name into the 'Search Users' field at the top of your dashboard and then press enter.


2. Press the 'View Profile' button to the right of the desired user or the user's name. That user's profile will show up.



3. Press 'Connect with (user)' beneath the user's profile picture.



Note: A request notification will be sent to the user's account. An email will also be sent to their inbox. The user can then decide whether to connect with you or ignore.


Friend Requests and Followers


1. When persons want to connect with you, their request appears in the 'Social Requests' section of the side bar menu.


2. View persons who sent a friend request in the 'Pending Requests' box. Click on their name to view their profile or hit 'Accept' if desired.


3. When a person's request is accepted, they are moved to the 'My Connections' box where the option to unfollow them is given.


Connections can also be made on this page by clicking on a user from the "Connect With Users" list. Their profile will load and a connection can be made.


Once a connection is made, the employer can now send messages to that person and vice versa.

1. Select a person from the 'My Connections' box by clicking on their name or image.


2. That person's profile image will show up with the option to send a message to them. Hit send message and you will be navigated to the messages page.