How to Change Your Privacy Settings


The privacy setting allows the user to control who can see their profile information. There are three (3) options to choose from:

  • Public - everyone can see your profile
  • Friends - only those connected with you can see your profile
  • Only me - your information can only be viewed by you

The privacy setting also allows employers to control if their profile will be visible to users who search for them. There are two (2) options for this setting:

  • Yes - your profile will appear when users search for you
  • No - your profile will not appear when users search for you


1. Click on the profile image in the top right corner of your screen and select 'Account Settings'. This will direct you to your account information.



2. Select the Privacy tab and press 'Edit' in the first row to control who can see your profile details.



3. Wait for the 'Profile Privacy' drop menu, then click inside the field to show the different Privacy options. Select the preferred privacy setting and press 'Save Changes'.



4. Or press 'Edit' in the second row to control whether your account will appear if users search for your profile. The 'Profile Privacy Search' box will load. Click in the field to show the two options. Select your preferred setting and hit 'Save Changes'.