How to Use To Do/TaskList and Calendar

The Calendar lets the employer easily see all of their schedules.


To find the calendar, you can navigate to the 'Apps' section of the side bar menu and then select the 'Calendar' option.


Or you can select the calendar icon from the Task/Projects page or the Todo page.



On the Calendar, the present date will always be highlighted in blue and your Tasks should be highligted in another colour. The employer can choose to display their schedules by month, by the week or by the day.

  • Calendar by the Month - see how your Tasks spread accross the month. The highlighted band of a Task will stretch all the way to the due date.


  • Calendar by the Week - A further break down of your schedules as seen in one week. Tasks will appear on the calendar in correspondence to the time they were created.


  • Calendar by the day - You can see all your schedules in one day more easily by selecting the Day tab of the calendar.