Add Users to Groups

When Role Groups are created, the employer will want to enlist employees in the different roles they created. When an employee is added to a job role, their accounts will be updated to allow access to the features specified within the role.

Step 1.
Select the 'Employees' option of the side bar menu, then select 'User Roles'.


Step 2.

In the 'Employee Name' field, enter the name of an employee who you wish to assign to a Role Group. The field will produce an auto-complete drop down of your employees according to the characters you enter. Select the relevant employee from the drop down.

The field right next to the 'Employee Name' field is the 'Role Groups' field which will contain all of your created roles. Click in the field to display a drop down of your role groups. Select the job role which your employee will be operating in, and hit 'Add Role'.


Note: Employees can only be assigned to one job role. Therefore, the system lets the employer know which employees have been assigned to roles already, under the heading 'Users Assigned Roles' which will appear on the same page mentioned above.