You will want to add your company's logo to your portal url page so persons can identify which company the jobs on the page are related to.

  • To add your company's logo, click the 'Open Blocks' icon in the top right corner of the page

  • This will display the four basic customization blocks to the right of your work space.


  • Select and drag the 'Image' box towards an area on the workspace where you would like your logo to appear.
  • A box will load for you to select an image. Either select an image from the list of images to the right, or click in the image upload space to upload an image. You can also enter the url for the location of an image in the url field and hit 'Add Image'. That image will be added to the list which you can then select.



  • When you select or upload an image, it will upload automatically to the area on the work space where you dragged the Image box.


Edit Image

If you want to edit your logo, click on the image. This will highlight the box around the component, and display four (4) icons.

  • Drag image - This icon allows you to drag the image to different locations on the work space.
  • Copy image - Press this icon to make a copy of the image.
  • Delete image - Press this icon to delete the image.
  • Adjust image size - You can also adjust the size of the image by dragging in the corners or the sides of the box