Customer Service Personality Test

Customer Service Personality Test

Teamglide™ customer service personality test assesses whether an individual has the necessary personality traits; that are required for a customer service role in your organization. Persons who score high on this test are more likely to provide great customer service ensuring that clients are treated exceptionally. The customer service personality test acknowledges the characterizes of a great customer service representative; such as knowledge of the product or services your organization provides, great communication skills, attentiveness and patience. This test consists of 50 items; very few people finish all 50 items in the 15 minute time limit.

Our tests uses (5) five personality traits. These are an individual's' :

  • extraversion
  • emotional stability
  • agreeableness
  • conscientiousness
  • openness to experience.

The customer service personality test understands the responsibility of these employees as they are the liaison between companies and their customers. Therefore our testing assesses the following characterizes of customer service representatives:

  • communicative nature
  • psychological strength
  • levels of patience
  • emotional stability
  • self-motivation
  • sociability, compassion and cooperation
  • focus and attentiveness


Advanced Scoring

Those individuals who are ultimately suitable to be a customer service representative will have these metrics within their assessment results.

Metric 1: High Levels of Extroversion - Are expressive, communicative, dominates socially, easily relates to others

Metric 2: High Levels of Emotional Stability- Express and think positively, has a calming presence

Metric 3: High Levels of Agreeableness - Are sociable, compassionate and cooperative.

Metric 4: High levels of conscientiousness - Are self motivated, disciplined and dutiful

Metric 5: Are Open to Experience - Are flexible, creative and eager to learn

How Teamglide's Customer Service Personality Tests Can Help Your Organization

Ultimately the customer service personality tests helps employers to find those individuals who are the perfect match for customer service positions. Reaping the benefits of ;

Increased Revenue

Customers who receive a positive experience due to great customer service personnel, are more likely to increase repeat business. As a result, great customer service testing translates to the security of increased profits.

Boost In Customer Loyalty

Happy customers are life long customers. They also spread the word about your stellar customer service to their friends and relatives, which is completely dependent on customer service staff. This tests helps to screen prospects and train employees. To ensure consumers loyalty to your organization.

Enhanced Brand Image

Organizations that have effective customer service training and screening due to our customer service testing are known for their unparalleled L&D strategy. Customers want to do business with them and employees want to work for them. As such, our testing can help to enhance your brand image.

Collect Valuable Employee Feedback

One of the most notable advantages of customer service personality testing is employee data collection. Your organization can collect valuable and critical data from staff who are competent customer service representatives about your target market.

 Training and Development

Teamglide's customer service personality tests, offers more than a "yes" or "no" assessment of a test-taker's ability to be a customer service representative. The score and breakdown of the results provide direction for employers on training and development.

To help you find and screen these valuable employees to add to your team. Schedule Teamglide's Customer Service Personality Test.

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