Setup Your Job Portal In a Matter of Minutes

Teamglide's Career Portal, is a built-in client portal, that gives customers access to multiple resources at their fingertips and ensures the hiring processes is made effortless and personal to your organization; providing a direct portal to enhance the visibility of your job openings and to source valuable talent.

Maintain Your Brand

Design your career portal to maintain the look of your business and brand. We help you uphold the standard, concise and professional look of your business to the global job market. As our Career Portal is a mere extension to your company.

Seamless Integration

Our career portal will integrate and configure Teamglide's job networking software to your portal seamlessly. Providing users who visit your customer portal access to read detailed job descriptions, requirements and information about your business

SEO Compliance

Providing a personal web address for you company’s career portal to add to your business webpage. We ensure SEO compliance to boost your visibility on Google search results. As we understand that this is crucial in capturing or losing great talent.