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Team Performance

Team Performance

Teamglide’s Team Performance Management goes beyond the analysis of one employee allowing you to gather valuable information and forecasts about your team’s performance.
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Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-Employment Assessments

Screen Recruits and Employees Using Our Interactive Testing Platform. Get Started with Our Aptitude, Personality, Academic and Skills Tests.
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Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Designed to track applicants the same way a recruiter would. Teamglide’s ATS entirely manages recruitment & applicant management procedures from a single, easy-to-use interface.
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Pre Employment Assessments

We have high quality pre-employment assessments, with Aptitude, Skills, Personality and Academic tests


Jobs Portal

Recruit through or advance recruiting platform. Recruit go through an ATS System and recruiting pipline


Employee Performance Assessments

Improve employee performance by drilling down into employee abilities


Team Performance

Gather valuable information and forecasts about your team’s performance


Dedicated 24\7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 tech support that will gladly solve any app issue you may have.


30-Day Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our apps, we will return your money in the first 30 days.

Pre-employment testing

What is teamglide?

teamglide™ is an employee performance platform used primarily for increasing the performance of teams and employees.

  • Social Media Platform - We connect job seekers with recruiters
  • Pre-Employment Testing - With a wide range of pre- employment assessments, get and retrieve test scores directly to your HR evaluation system to shortlist candidates.
  • Global Job Search - Using our global job search engine; post and find jobs in any career field anywhere in the world.
  • Applicant Tracking System – Track and Monitor the journey of candidates to employees in your business teams.
  • Analytics & Results - Valuable in-depth analysis of pre-employment testing, employee and team performance for your business.
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Employee Performance

teamglide offers a high caliber of Pre employment assessments, employee performance assessments, Recruiting pipeline, application tracking system, team performance. Teamglide provides Pre-employment assessments and employee performance analysis.

Pre-Employment Performance Data

teamglide™ pre-employment tests provide a wealth of statistics and data for making an informed decision on your hiring

  • Performance Charts - Charts of employee performance showing visual representations
  • Test Recommendations - Detailed recommendations on actions to take for recruit testing
  • Test integrity data - Data to show user pre-employment test validity.
  • Performance insights – Insights into future performance of applicants and employees
Pre-employment Statisics